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Computer Workshop by Aviratha Prathishtaana

“Aviratha Pratishtana” successfully conducted Health camp and Computer Workshop for nearly 100 rural students from across 10 villages in the midst of the program “Arivu Sambrama”(Translation “Knowledge Celebration”), an annual Summer Camp event held by Dr.Besagarahalli Ramanna Trust(Reg.,) in association with R.K Education Society, K Honnelgere, Maddur(Tq), Mandya(Dst). This summer camp is primarily designed for rural students to educate them in the areas of theater education, English learning, Computer education and General science topics in order to empower them to be competent to face the real world.




Entire responsibility of organizing health camp and computer workshop was handled by Aviratha volunteers. Yes!! The team worked out on the schedule and syllabus brilliantly, considering the learning curve of the rural students. Entire program was intended to make students familiar and comfortable enough to work in computer and to help them to utilize tools such as MS Office Word, MS Office Power Point, MS Office, Windows Paint. Workshop was held for 10 days and for each day a team of 5 volunteers traveled to the village Honnalagere(near Maddur Taluk) to conduct the workshop.

We were team of 7 volunteers for teaching and giving hands on training on MS Office Word. We started our journey early morning from Bangalore towards Mysore road National Highway. Its always bliss to go on a long drive with nice bunch of people around. We spoke about lot of things and enjoyed the music all the way and had delicious Mysore road “tatte iddly”. We reached the school at 10.15 and session started by 10.30(well on time 😉 )

As we reached the school we were as excited as students to deliver our session on MS Office Word. Naughtiness of students definitely was a challenge for us. But the kind of enthusiasm with which they were learning was remarkable. We started with an eyes breaker session followed by a crisp theory session on MS office word. Theory session was made more interactive by involving students with questions and simple demo tasks. Students were keen to answer the questions so that they can grab the chocolates for there right answers. Well, that was our trick 😉 Theory session was followed by a practical lab session in which students were asked to prepare leave letter with proper formatting by using the tools available in MS Office Word. It was a proud moment for we volunteers to witness the eagerness of students in learning and working with tool very quickly with that short span of time. With that we did our part and returned back with great zeal.


“Be the Change You Wish to See..!!”


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