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Barcamp Bangalore 2012

Barcamp Bangalore – “where Ideas meet ” the caption says it all.This post is specially to make my frenz envy me cos none of them turned up whoever had agreed to join me… 😉 😛  I attended the Barcamp Bangalore for the first time on 25 August @ SAP Labs. I made to the venue by 9.a.m was feeling so low as I dint know anyone there but after that from the moment I filled the form, till evening 6.15 I had great time learning new techie stuff and making wonderful friends and yea.. got loptop bag too as goodie.. 🙂 🙂

Barcamp is one such event which offers a platform for wide rage of techies to share there experiences regarding any new technology and innovations.One thing that sets BCB apart from other tech events is that the stage is set free for anybody to give there talks but the entire schedule is made on the day of event in First Come First Serve basis so only the early comers get chance to present… 🙂

I was so flattered by the organizers.They kept things going so  well. BCB 2012 introduced two great ideas this time.

#1. Techclash- was a 1 hour slot reserved in BCB12 for a series of short technology demos to bring the smart tech solutions to the limelight.

#2. Electronic Scheduler- An algorithm implemented by one of the BCB 2011 attendee to schedule the sessions. SAP campus helped them so well to display the schedule all around with so many display screens(LCD Projectors, LCD TV screens, even Laptops).

There were 6 tracks running parallel and each sessions were so informative.It was hard to choose which one to attend and I attended following sessions:

  1. A Coffee Script
  2. Google API’s and Deployment Google App Engine
  3. NOSQL – Loosing relationship to gain speed
  4. Techlash
  5. Jactor – Actor based Programming
  6. Jekyll
  7. Bring Clouds Together
  8. Openstack cloud software

I will share sessions details in coming posts.


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