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BDotNet-“Bangalore .NET” User Group

BDotNet, Bangalore .NET user group took birth 8 years back when .NET users at Bangalore rightly identified the need to form a community to share and exchange their knowledge on rapidly growing technologies. Mr.Kashinath  and Mr.Vic Parmar, who are UG Leads of BDotNet, has always been the motivation for successful conduction of UG meets and Community TechEd’s.

BDotNet has been constantly supporting young and talented minds in order to motivate and direct them in the right path.I have been very fortunate to be part of this community.Right from the day one I joined the community constantly I’m able to update myself with the newest technologies.
I’m a 7th semester student at Bangalore Institute of Technology.When I approached the BDotNet members (Vic,Kashinath,Lohith and Amar) to give sessions for students, they wholeheartedly accepted my request and agreed on to come to my college to give sessions on Microsoft Developer Platform.

figure: Metro Style Flyer Created by Amar Nityananda

Yesterday, November 5 we had sessions on Windows 8(-by Vic Parmar), HTML 5 – CSS 3(-by Lohith)  and Windows Phone 7(by – Amar N). There were 250 odd students registered for the event and got a huge response from them about the sessions conducted and about BDotNet too.
It was all possible because of BDotNet community and members of BDotNet who always find time in there busy schedule to contribute to the community by sharing there knowledge.
I’m looking forward to see BDotNet becoming much more popular so that all those techies & geeks out there get to know about the community and kind of contribution these community offering to the society and hence there get benefited from the regular sessions conducted by BDotNet.


One thought on “BDotNet-“Bangalore .NET” User Group

  1. rashmi says:

    Hi, So nice to read your experience with the community. We have career openings for .NET professionals. Please refer to your interested friends

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